OBDPROG M500 Car Odometer Adjustment + Scan Tool

£399.00 £309.00


OBDPROG M500 Car Odometer Adjustment + Scan Tool

£399.00 £309.00

Car Odometer Adjustment + Diagnostic tool


Before you buy this item please CONTACT US (in contact form or to and we will check if your car is compatible with this tool. We will automatically cancel every purchase which has been made without previous contacting us.


OBDPROG M500 Doctor OBD2 Scanner Car Odometer Adjustment 2 in 1 Scan Tool obd Mileage Correction Tool

OBDPROG M500 ODO Doctor is a new Android based 5inch tablet, specialized for cluster mileage correction function. It inherits the latest cluster odometer adjust from OBDPROG technology company with various advantages of easy-to-use, worldwide newest vehicle model coverage, fast operation and durable features which can meet the actual needs of different users inquire, such as personal second-hand car owner, automobile repair plants and fast repair workshops.

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*Please contact us before you buy this product.


OBDPROG M500 Functions Include:

  • Via OBDII/EOBD Engine Diagnostic
  • Odometer Mileage Correction
  • Read Odometer
  • Write Odometer
  • Data Backup
  • Data Recovery
  • Oil Service Reset
  • Read & Clear DTC codes
  • Turn off MIL fault lamp

OBDPROG M500 Advantages:

  1. The update cycle is short and fast (updated every 15-30 days)
  2. Free Update Online for One Year, Dealer Code: is 0086B002
  3. Strong competitiveness and industry advantage
  4. Some models can support 18/19 years of the car (such as GM/Chrysler)
  5. World Wide Vehicle Coverage and One-Click Upgrade Online
  6. Add a new help function as shown below: (Applicable to some models, R & D information is being updated)

Technical Parameter:

  • Operation system: Android 5.1.1
  • CPU: RK3128 Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7
  • Battery: 2500mA,rechargeable polymer lithium battery
  • Extension memory card: 32G Micro SD (TF) card supported
  • Storage capacity: 16GB
  • LCD: 5.0 inch
  • LCD resolution: 800*480
  • Touch screen: capacitive touch screen
  • Wi-Fi: supported
  • Working temperature: -20℃ ~ 55℃ (14℉ ~ 131℉)
  • Storage temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃ (-4℉ ~ 158℉)
  • Weight: about 458g     
  • Dimension: 220mm*115mm*28mm   


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