ODIS 7.1.1 with the latest data update 70101.102.30


ODIS 7.1.1 with the latest data update 70101.102.30


Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service for VAG group (Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda, Lamborgini, Bentley)

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ODIS 7.1.1 with the latest data update 70101.102.30 which cover all VW/Audi Group models up to 2021

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Year / Release Date: 2021

Version: 7.1.1

System requirements: 

Windows  10 – works with 6154a Hardware

Multi-Languages: English/ Japanese/ Portuguese/ Romanian/ Korean/ Dutch/ Polish/ Turkish/ Spanish/ French/ Italian/ Croatian/ Danish/ German/ Swedish/ Finnish/ Slovenian/ Czech/ Russian/ Greek/ Chinese


Diagnostic logs are saved automatically.
You can choose a dynamic brand layout. This changes then depending on the brand of the vehicle.

The special functions are represented thematically sorted.
You have the possibility to generate a self diagnostic log.
You can check the connections to back end systems.
The enforcement of an update was optimized.
The data-download is carried out in the background.
An intermittent download is continued automatically.
You have the option to shut down the system after an update automatically.
If no online-connection exists, the login-dialog is skipped in the diagnosis entry.
The Test Instruments view is printed with white background.
You have the possibility to use a standard mail client to send a support message.
Certain equipment features can be set, if fitted, manually e.g. national variant.
There is a mode self diagnostic.
The self diagnostic can be used also in the case of works with order.
OBD-functions can be carried out in the self diagnostic.


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