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DELL Diagnostic computer+ JLR Pro

(2 customer reviews)


Dell Latitude XT Diagnostic computer/tablet + JLR Pro cable


Our service and our products have been highly recommended by our customers, car garages from all around Great Britain and by car specialists from British auto repair forums.

Dell Latitude XT Diagnostic computer/tablet


(for Jaguar, Land & Range Rover)


jlr sdd tool 




Over 4000 positive reviews on eBay.

NO VMware version


Ready to use – no additional installation required.

Dell Latitude XT Diagnostic computer/tablet

Intel Core Duo 2, 3GB, 120GB, 12.1″ WideScreen & laptop charger included

Condition Refurbished – Refurbished Good – Showing minor signs of use, the odd mark, scratch, buff to be expected.

The stunning Dell Latitude XT laptop. These are fantastic Dell laptops which are perfect to use with your diagnostic tools. They have Intel 2Ghz  processor and 3GB of RAM along with a large 120GB hard drive . They are very slim, portable and lightweight with a 12.1″ screen and perfect portable laptops.

They also have an internal Intel Wireless Adaptor meaning you can surf the internet wirelessly. They are suitable for a range of uses such as booking flights or online shopping. They are also a very robust laptop. You can access Facebook, play flash games and watch Iplayer to name but a few things this laptop is capable of!

We have refurbished them installing Windows 7 (64bit) . It is ready to use straight from the box. As you can see from the pictures we have taken of the actual laptops they are in good condition too. 

Dell + Delphi

Transformation of the Dell Latitude XT in a Tablet-PC

You can read an independent review of this laptop model below or by searching Dell Latitude XT in google:
Battery last for 30-45minutes. The brand new battery can be bought on ebay/Amazon/google.
The price for brand new batteries start from, £25.
Multi Languages:
English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, Russian, French, Japanese
Software Version:
Land Rover & Jaguar IDS SDD v160 FULL Unlimited time

Version: 160.04


160V works with Jaguar Land(Range)Rovers up to 2017. (This version doesn’t include Topix login details)


It allows you to do the following:
  • Service Lights
  • Fault Code Reading / Resetting analyzing for repairs
  • Read / Clear / Reset Air bag Light codes
  • Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes
  • Programming Modules
  • Programming personalization like ride height or folding wing mirrors.
  • Activate pumps for brake bleeding
  • Program new DSC units
  • Program ABS Units

Cable + Diagnostics SOFTWARE for Jaguar, Land Rover cars.

Jaguar / Land Rover & Symptom Driven Diagnostic.

IDS SDD Land Rover/Jaguar is a dealer diagnostic program for Land Rover/Jaguar.SDD works with Land Rover/Range Rover since 2005 and Jaguars from 1995.IDS is enhanced WDS software that was modified to run on a standard laptop platform & utilizes the VCM and VMM. Moving IDS to a laptop helps technicians by integrating access to both diagnostics and service information on a single, powerful machine.

The Jaguar, Land Rover Integrated Diagnostic System (IDS) the only equipment that provides complete diagnostic coverage of current and future Jaguar, Land Rover vehicles.

The IDS package replaces the Worldwide Diagnostic System (WDS).

The IDS application will perform the identical functions of the WDS and allows dealership technicians to diagnose and service Jaguar, Land Rover vehicles. As the new diagnostic tool, IDS will be required to perform diagnostics on future model year vehicles.

It comes with 2 e-books:

  • Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems:
  • Diagnosis and Troubleshooting of Automotive Electrical, Electronic, Computer Systems

2 reviews for DELL Diagnostic computer+ JLR Pro

  1. Paul

    Worked with my RR Sport 2012 with no problem at all. I can recommend it.

  2. Paul McCarthy

    brilliant service, would buy again with confidence, recommended

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