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2022 Update for ObdProg M501 Car Odometer Adjustment (basic)


2022 Updates for ObdProg m501 Car Key Coder Master Immobilizer Programming Pin Code


This listing is only for UPDATES for OBDPROG m501. 

DO NOT buy it if you don’t have obdprog m501 deivce.

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Over 4000 positive reviews in our ebay shop:


We are the biggest seller of m501 on eBay


If you bought obdprog m501 more than 1 year ago and you want to update your device then this updates are for you. You can download the newest 2022 car compatible list from the link below


Please send the serial number of the tool after purchase.

  1. Your m501 will be updated within 24hs (Monday – Friday) or on next Monday if you purchased it in the weeknd.
  2. This is a digital delivered item. You will not receive any cd. After receiving Serial Number we will send you (within timframe mentioned in point 1) a conformation that your tool has been updated. You will need to reboot m501 and new updates will be available for download.
  3. Due to a few dishonest buyers, who tried to cheat us and opened a claim on ebay/paypal writeing that they haven’t received their m501 (or m501 updates), I would like to inform you that we will disactive M501 for good if a buyer will try to cheat us and will open a claim saying that he/she didn’t receive the updates. We are honest seller with history on ebay since 2014. We tread our buyers very serious and we expect the same. 
  4. This is an update for Basic version. If you want the Full version of m501 then please clcik this link: https://tools4car.co.uk/product/m501fullupdate/
    Full version works in EU and US and AU 

Please don’t believe sellers who write that ObdProg m501 tool comes with a lifetime updates. It is just a scam !!!

These sellers take advantage of the naivety of buyers and do not offer any free updates after a year. Many people write to us that they have been cheated by other (especially Chinese) sellers in this way and after a year it is impossible to open a case/claim on ebay/paypal. We are on eBay since 2014 and we sell m501 since 2020 and we honestly inform our customers about updates and aftersale service. 



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