JLR IDS /SDD v131.03 Jaguar/Landrover Diagnostic Software


Jaguar/Landrover Diagnostic Software


Jaguar/Landrover Diagnostic Software

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IDS /SDD v131.03 + Calibration / SPA Files

Fully Activated with Password & Login


The JLR Jaguar / Landrover IDS SDD diagnostic software and calibration files  and can only be installed on a computer or laptop running Windows XP Professional – the software will not install on any other operating system.

This software is the same as that used by your local dealer and covers Jaguar cars from 1996 to 2012 and Landrovers from 2005 to 2012.

The Software come with their own menu system making installation very easy and includes full documentation, User Name and Login credentials and is not a ‘cracked’ or ‘patched’ program. The sale does not include any interface cable e.g. Mongoose, VCM etc. which must be purchased separately.

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