• sam laptop 15
  • mazda 104
  • 1 soft
  • reprog
  • delphi 2015.1
  • IUD32-italian_zps3ce441ba
  • Capture
  • 3
  • 300
  • ecu files
  • 1
  • haynes pro
  • Cover
  • 3
  • Diagbox software
  • ecm_titanium

HI TECH LENOVO (IBM) Diagnostic computer


HI TECH LENOVO (IBM) Diagnostic computer 
With 15 software  already installed on this computer.


HI TECH LENOVO (IBM) Diagnostic computer

Ready to use – no additional installation required.

15 software has been installed on this computer:

1.) Diagbox 7.83
2.) Can Clip 178V
Reprog 164
4.) Haynes Pro software
5.) I
mmo universal decoding 3.2
6.) Toyota Tis software
7.) ECU Remaping Software
8.) Delphi ds150e Cars 2014.2 and 2016.0
9.) Delphi ds150e Trucks 2014.2 and 2016.0
10.) ODIS 4.2.3
11.) For Renault Pin Extractor
12.) For Renault Can Clip Training
13.) 100,000 remap files
14.) Mazda IDS or Ford IDS
15.) V1.95 OPEL OP COM Vauxhall

Lenovo Thinkpad X200

Intel Core Duo 1.89Ghz, 2GB, 160GB, 12.1″ WideScreen & laptop charger included

Windows 7, Office & Antivirus Software included

12 month / 1 Year warranty

Condition Refurbished – Refurbished Good – Showing minor signs of use, the odd mark, scratch, buff to be expected.

The stunning IBM Lenovo Thinkpad X200 laptop. These are fantastic IBM Lenovo laptops which are perfect to use with your diagnostic tools. They have anIntel 1.89Ghz  processor and 2.0GB of RAM along with a large 160GB hard drive plus 12 months warranty . They are very slim, portable and lighweight with a 12.1″ screen and perfect portable laptops.

They also have an internal Intel Wireless Adaptor meaning you can surf the internet wirelessly. They are suitable for a range of uses such as booking flights or online shopping. They are also a very robust laptop. You can access facebook, play flash games and watch Iplayer to name but a few things this laptop is capable of!

We have refurbished them installing Windows 7, Open office and antivirus software. They are ready to use straight from the box. As you can see from the pictures we have taken of the actual laptops they are in good condition too. The Office software is exactly like Microsoft Office which has Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.


This item comes with a 1 Years Return To Base Warranty which starts the moment you sign for your parcel.

If you are experiencing problems with your item within this period, simply return it to us with an accompanying letter stating your name, user id, return address, telephone number and a brief description of your fault and we will repair or replace the item accordingly.

If you are experiencing problems with your item with 14 days of receipt, please inform us and we will repair, replace or refund your item accordingly. No Refunds are available after 14 days.


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